Hat Displays

I got to play with powertools!  Bwahaahaahaa!  There’s no stopping me now!


I am thankful that Mr. Aberwacky has a well-equipped wood shop.  I’m even more thankful that he lets me use it!  (Thanks, Hat Man!)

I spent some time coming up with a way to display several hats at once, and designed this Hat Tree.  Hopefully I can use it to display a dozen or so hats at a time, saving lots of table space.  For this project, I learned how to tilt the table on the drill press to drill the holes at angles in the center pole.  Cool!  So, they’re not all exactly at the same angle.  I’m counting it as a learning experience.

Naked Hat Tree

Poor little Naked Hat Tree (I hope it isn’t embarrassed)

Hatted Treeimg_5572

Or maybe this way:


I think it will work!  (I just hope that sheep hat on the bottom doesn’t start nibbling on the tomato hat above it)

I am also playing with using some oversized candle holders/stands as hat displays:

Testing hat displays

Testing hat displays

 Designing the displays is all part of the fun for me!

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