Where there’s a will, there’s a way. . .

I’ve been away from the studio for the past week, helping my dad while he’s recovering from a hip replacement, and have really missed it.

Yesterday, I decided to try felting in the hospital room.  (Yes, I was desperate.)  Fortunately, nurses are hard to phase, and once they realized that it wasn’t a pool of blood on the shower floor (!) they were fine with it.

The wool laid out and wetted down in the shower stall–it is made for getting wet, after all.  Notice the-repurposed water bottle I’m using for the soapy water.  Making do, but it worked well.fox-hat-5

Starting the felting–I have some scrounged bubble wrap underneath it.  At this point, I was realizing just how UNergonomic using the shower stall floor was, but I was committed.  And I had an audience to not disappoint.fox-hat-4


Yep, it’s the old using-a-paint-tray-for-fulling-in-the-bathroom-sink trick.  (The bucket did double-duty–I used it for rinsing and then later as a hat form!)fox-hat-3

I squeezed out as much water as possible, then needlefelted on eyes, a nose, and some white fur in the ears. (I am not coordinated enough to take a picture of myself needlefelting without incurring injury, so imagine that part.)

Mr. Fox Drying:fox-hat-1


If nothing else, I proved to myself that it could be done, and entertained Dad for a few hours in the process!


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