I returned from my trip to my oldest boy telling me that he wanted to be Benjamin Franklin for Historical Character Day tomorrow at school.

At  9:00 P.M.  When he should have been in bed and I was already wishing I was.

Now, I should get a pass on not knowing about this because I was out of town for a week, right?

However. . .This is where that old theatre degree really comes in handy.  (Also, I admit it, I LOVE doing this stuff. )

So, by 9:30 we had this:

I give you young Benjamin Franklin, printer’s apprentice:

Young Benjamin Franklin

Young Benjamin Franklin

This fabulous ensemble consists of:

  • my white linen shirt with the collar turned up
  • a white flour sack turned into a neck scarf
  • the leather vest from the dress-up box (used just a couple weeks ago as part of my youngest’s Young Pioneer costume)
  • the sweatpants he was wearing tucked into Dave’s socks to simulate breeches
  • my old readers with the lenses popped out
  • a floppy felt hat
  • boots dug out of the shoe basket–I’m not even sure they are ours, to be honest

I am giving myself 100 Mom points for this one.

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