I love handwarmers.  Fingerless gloves.  Wristwarmers.  I wear them all winter for driving, for working outside, for typing in my sometimes cold studio. . .


Santa’s Helper busy at work

I used to buy them.  Then I learned to crochet, and everyone I knew got fingerless gloves for Christmas.  (Sorry, family!)

Now, I’m felting them.  BECAUSE I CAN.  🙂   One nice thing about the felted handwarmers is that they are more durable for tougher tasks, like bringing in firewood for a nice winter’s fire, but are still cozy and warm.

Felted Handwarmers in Progress

Felted Handwarmers in Progress


Mountain Flowers handwarmers


Fancy Fox Handwarmers

Apparently I’m not the only one that likes them, because I sold out of them at my last show!  Next, I’m thinking about mittens. . . .since felt is water-resistant, they might be good for making snowballs this winter. . . . .what do you think?

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