“Stick a needle in my eye. . .”

I have been experimenting with making pin cushions from wet-felted wool.  So far I’ve made geodes, a felted “rock” (not shown), a sheep, and, well, eyeballs: What do you think?

Sharing with the neighbors

We had a recent windstorm, and I was cleaning up  from it when I found this empty nest that had blown down.  Looks like someone has been borrowing some of my wool–I see bits of at least 4 different fleeces in there!

Hat Displays

I got to play with powertools!  Bwahaahaahaa!  There’s no stopping me now! I am thankful that Mr. Aberwacky has a well-equipped wood shop.  I’m even more thankful that he lets me use it!  (Thanks, Hat Man!) I spent some time coming up with a way to display several hats at...

Fun Felting–Coyote Tail for a Costume

Here is a fun little volunteer project I did for our local elementary school–a coyote tail and ears: The kids loved it–it was my first tail, but I think I will be making more of them!

2016 Christmas Showcase

  Just finished up from the 38th Arkansas Craft Guild Annual Christmas Showcase in Little Rock, and I had my best show ever!  Thanks to everyone that came out despite the drizzly weather.  And thanks for the votes for my booth!  I won 2nd place!

Felted Lock Collars

I will be teaching the felted collar class soon! The Art Loft – Felted Lock Collar  


I love handwarmers.  Fingerless gloves.  Wristwarmers.  I wear them all winter for driving, for working outside, for typing in my sometimes cold studio. . . I used to buy them.  Then I learned to crochet, and everyone I knew got fingerless gloves for Christmas.  (Sorry, family!) Now, I’m felting them....

A website at last!!!!

My youngest son recently told me, “Mom, how can you run a business these days without a website???”  He’s right, and it is way past time for me to have one, so here it is. Tadaaaa! Leigh


I have finally added the Felting A Fleece tutorial to the site!  You can find it here: Felting a Fleece; My way, not the only way  Check it out and let me know what you think!    


I returned from my trip to my oldest boy telling me that he wanted to be Benjamin Franklin for Historical Character Day tomorrow at school. At  9:00 P.M.  When he should have been in bed and I was already wishing I was. Now, I should get a pass on not knowing...

Twining Vine Designs: Your Adventure Awaits. . .

What have I been up to?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. . .

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. . .

I’ve been away from the studio for the past week, helping my dad while he’s recovering from a hip replacement, and have really missed it. Yesterday, I decided to try felting in the hospital room.  (Yes, I was desperate.)  Fortunately, nurses are hard to phase, and once they realized that it...